Holiday Sales

A quick note on why we don't do holiday sales.

There are a lot of holidays in the year that have become synonymous with sales and marketing.  4th of July, Memorial Day, MLK Day and the rest of the lot have one thing in common though - they aren't about us.  These holidays are meant to celebrate special people and important events and we feel that trying to make the day about our store is disrespectful to those that we are celebrating.

One holiday we do celebrate.

Small Business Saturday.  That one is ours but we're not going to make it about us.  We won't be running any specials, no sales or deals. Our products are priced the way they are because that's what they cost in terms of materials and time.

Instead we'll be including a "thank you for being awesome" gift with every order made between 12:01am Small Business Saturday and the following Saturday. Order two or more pieces from the Mystery Gift Eligible page and we'll upgrade your gift to a mystery box packed with a few fun odds and ends. 

It could be something small like a favorite book of mine or something bigger like one of our Shooter Conversion Sheets. The surprise is part of the fun, right? Worst case scenario: you've got your White Elephant gift for the office party.  We'll scale up the gifts for every sheet you purchase so pick up one or two for your ruck buddies!