In order to provide full disclosure up font, GORUCK's hads taken the stance that any damage to the frame sheet pocket caused by third party frame sheets (i.e. Ruck Customs) will void the SCARS warranty.  In order to avoid this, I cut my frame sheets narrower than the stock sheets and test random sheets in my own bags before sending them out.  

I've sold hundreds of these and have not yet received any complaints or heard of any issues where one of my frame sheets has caused damage.  If that damage does happen though, I will refund you for the sheet but I will not cover any additional costs.

If you wish to avoid the risk of damage altogether, you can follow the GORUCK recommend method of installing which simply places the Kydex in the laptop compartment.  If you plan on doing this, please contact me and I will be able to cut your sheet a little wider in order to provide a better fit.

Additionally, we try really hard to consistently make pieces we are proud of but at the end of the day they are cut by hand.  Minor variations will occur piece to piece and some may have minor cosmetic damage.  It's an unfortunate reality of the process, but it does not impact the functionality or usefulness of the piece.