We've been doing this since 2014 and there are a couple questions that come up more than others so we're going to take a stab at answering them here to save you some time.  If your question isn't on the list, feel free to reach out through our contact form!

  • How quickly should I expect to receive my purchase?
We aim to ship all orders the day after purchase with 2-3 day shipping.  Sometimes there are delays and we try to keep our site up to date with those.  It is generally a safe assumption that you will get it in less than a 7 days.
  • Do your Kydex frame sheets have sharp edges?
No, all the corners are rounded and each piece is sanded before it's sent out.
  • Is installation difficult?
Nope!  We cut our sheets narrow enough that they slide into the frame sheet sleeve without much trouble.
(Caveat: There can be issues with brand new GR rucks where the top flap will be a real pain to bring over the top of the frame.  We'll be adjusting our sizing accordingly so this issue should become less common.)